Tragegurt MP9 / GL06

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A long gun without a sling is like a handgun without a holster, choosing a sling that fits your mission needs, will greatly enhance your handling of the Airsoft gun, and give an authentic and professional look. This 1 Point Tactical Sling is simple, and affordable, a truly functional sling which works. This Tactical Sling is made from heavy duty webbing with a rubber shoulder pad which is durable, yet comfortable. Metal carabiner. Adjustable Length. Quick side release buckle. Color: Black Fits: MP9, GL-06 and other models. Single-point sling The one great advantage of the single point design is that it is very easy to switch from shoulder to shoulder for weak side barricade shooting. Like the 3-point sling, the single-point sling permits the shooter to drop the weapon and let it hang downward while still attached to their body. This sling design is best suited for short-term tactical use. A single-point sling is only worn in one way, and cannot provide the same degree of long-term anti-fatigue weight support as other slings.


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