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Customize MP5K type airsoft guns by replacing the standard front guard on the SMG with this unique looking RAS, and transform it into a truly awesome looking airsoft gun. It attaches to mounting groves on to top of the receiver and features a slot for the charger handle. It provides 4 rails, top, bottom and sides.

May require modifications to fit, and should be installed by a skilled technician.

Rail Interface System (RIS, sometimes also referred to as Rail Accessory System, RAS) are the primary method of attaching accessories to small firearms such as assault rifles and light machine guns. Most quality RIS systems are built to the M1913 Picatinny standard, which was the first standard developed. There are different styles of RIS, depending on how much the operator will be accessorizing the weapon. Basic systems that can be installed on weapons such as the AR-15/M16 are usually small rails with holes machined in them, that are screwed onto the existing hand guard on the rifle. More advanced systems allow for numerous accessories to be mounted simultaneously.
Possible accessories include: telescopic sights, tactical lights, laser aiming modules, night vision devices, reflex/Red Dot sights, foregrips, bipods, large battery box, grenade launchers, sling mounts, cameras and bayonets.


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