Special Teams Carbine

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This Proline Airsoft Carbine features a semi-auto gas blow-back system with realistic action that closely mimics that of a real weapon. A sturdy construction providing a satisfying experience during handling and shooting. Optional CO2 magazine for more power. A full length top rail allows mounting of any type of aiming device, detachable front and rear flip-up sights with fiber optic illumination are included. Side and bottom rails for attaching tactical equipment, making it a perfectly usable gun for skirmishes and CQB.

•LMT generation II collapsible stock
•14mm counterclockwise thread for mounting silencer or flash-hider.
•Integrated quad rail.
•Rails covers included.
•Easy accessible hop-up
•Detachable flip-up sights with fiber optic illumination.
•M4 style handle.
Short gas mag Ref.nr. 17245.
Long gas mag Ref.nr. 17246.
Long CO2 mag Ref.nr. 17247.
This is inspired by the compact carbines carried by police and swat, to provide long range accuracy and more powerful shots, while using a pistol cartridge to prevent over-penetration in urban environments. When the Bad guys get heavier weapons, so must law enforcement agencies follow suit, while still maintaining public safety.

Length:782-863 mm
Mag. Capacity:22 rounds
Standard Mag.:17245
Hop Up Type:Adjustable
Weight:2625 grams
Energy:1,7 Joule


Kategorie: Gas Blowback Rifles
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