Double Stack Mag Case
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In our Carbon-Fiber Composite line, we offer single magazine pouches for both 9mm/40 cal. single-stack mags and 9mm/40 cal. double-stack mags. These have molded-in tension springs that keep your mag secure but allow rapid removal when you need it. We also offer two different light carriers, one for the detachable pistol lights, such as the M-3 style and one for small personal lights, like the Streamlight® and Surefire® lights.

Our magazine pouches have a built-in tension spring, to hold your magazine in place until you need
it and to allow the use of a variety of magazines in each pouch. The most interesting thing about our
magazine pouches is that the unique belt clip can be removed and they can be placed side by side on
our Dual Rail Accessory Platform, for those wanting a double magazine pouch, on the same carrier.
Or, they can be placed beside one of our light carriers, for a combo light/mag carrier.

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