ASW338LM Sniper, Ashbury black
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Length:1060/810 mm
Barrel length:420 mm
Mag. Capacity:40 rounds
Standard Mag.:17139
Hop Up Type:Adjustable
Weight:5000 grams
Energy:1,4 Joule ca.390 fps

Get the ultimate sniper experience with ASW338LM (ProLine spring operated sniper.)
Designed from original 3D drawings provided by Ashbury International Group Inc, this fully licensed high-end airsoft rifle looks and handles just like the real thing. This precision airsoft gun features a monolithic full length top rail for scopes as well as a carbon-fiber look fore-end with bottom rail and side rails that are co-bore aligned for mounting bi-pods and other tactical equipment. The ergonomic folding Push-button adjustable shoulder stock, is custom fitted with adjustments for length of stock, cheek-piece height, and vertical recoil pad placement. It comes with a versatile adjustable field Mono-pod, and a mounted muzzle brake with a large 28mm external thread for quick mounting of a designated silencer ( not included). The Rifle has a unique loading system which allows correct placement of the magazine for added realism.
Delivered in hard-shell transport case with cut-out foam with additional room for bi-pod and silencer. An M90 spring is included in the case, if the rifle needs to be down-graded to comply with range rules. All in all the most advanced sniper rifle available on the Airsoft market today.

•Spring operated.
•Designed from original Ashbury 3D drawings.
•Authentic markings.
•VSR 10 compatible inner structure and barrel.
•Diecast aluminum receiver.
•CNC machined upper rail and components.
•Adjustable Hop-up.
•1.4 Joule (M120) version out of the box.
•Adjustable grip to trigger distance.
•14mm counter clockwise thread for attachment of any matching flash-suppressor or silencer.
17139 40 rd. magazine.
17215 Silencer.
17216 Bi-pod.
17226 Sniper scope.
Upgrade parts:
17212 Upgrade kit M150
17213 Upgrade kit M170
17217 Steel charging handle.
17219 Zero steel trigger assembly.
17228 Precision barrel 6.03x430mm
17229 Precision barrel 6.03x554mm
ASW338LM Precision Sniper Rifle System
The Original ASW338LM weapons platform is engineered as a purpose built commercially-off-the-shelf (COTS) precision sniper rifle platform, the ASW338LM enables snipers to engage threats, out to 1500 meters. The name asymmetrical comes from the wedge shaped upper rail, especially designed to bring the scope in alinement with the ballistic trajectory at long range. Ashbury International Group, has over 20 years of experience in systems integration and training for military units. AIG is currently a prime contractor for the Marines, Army, SOCOM and DHS.

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Sniper System:
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