LIFE 9,9 Volt 1000 mAh 20C
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The latest in Airsoft battery technology. Li-Fe has a longer life cycle as well as better thermal performance (good performance in high and low temperature) than Li-Po battery does. During use in airsoft guns, thermal stability is very important, other batteries can get too hot to use. Another important factor is the 9.9V voltage. For most standard Airsoft guns, an 11.1V battery has too high voltage for the motors and the gears, and could ruin the gun. A 9.9V Li-Fe has perfect voltage for high performance Airsoft guns.
Important: A Li-Fe charger must be used, we recommend ref. 17942+17943.
Battery specs:

    Configuration: 3 split-cell.
    Voltage: 9.9V.
    Capacity : 1000mAh.
    Comes with align balance connector.
    Dimensions: 25x21x150mm (1,0x0,9x6,0 in.).
    Size compatible with mini-type batteries.
    This pack is ideal for M90 to M120 upgrades.
    Replaces an 8.4V to 9.6V NiMH pack.
    Ultra-advanced Li-Fe battery technology.

To prolong the life of a Li-Fe battery:
Never completely discharge the battery.
Stop using the battery the moment you hear the Rate of Fire goes down.
IMPORTANT: you must use a Li-Fe charger, no exceptions.


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