CZ805 BREN A2 DT Grey
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The Dual tone 805 Bren  - with Grey upper Reciever and Black polymer Lower, is the latest of the 805 Bren configurations featuring the M4 magwell adapter.
The new versions of the CZ 805 Bren features a MOSFET for better fire control, less stress on internals and consistant muzzle velocity.

Continuing our long-standing collaboration with CZ, ASG is proud to introduce the CZ 805 series. A new Airsoft gun with a modern appearance, functional design features and easy change of configurations to make the player stand out from the crowd.

The CZ 805 assault rifle features an aluminum alloy upper receiver and polymer lower.
Both the  A1 and A2 versions of the CZ 805 assault rifle is fitted with an monolithic integral Picatinny rail on the top of receiver and additional rails running on the sides and the bottom of the forend. The side-folding buttstock, which is adjustable for length of pull, can be completely removed if maximum compactness is required. Removing the stock, held by one pin, requires no tools and provides access to battery compartment and the quick-change spring guide, allowing fast in-the-field spring changes to adjust to field regulations.

The CZ 805 assault rifle was first introduced to the public in 2009, as a possible future replacement for aged Sa. Vz. 58 assault rifles still in use by Czech armed forces. Early in 2010 the CZ 805 was selected as a next standard military rifle for Czech armed forces, to be manufactured by the famous Czech arms factory CZ-UB in the city of Uhersky Brod.
18568 Battery, 7,4V 1300 mAh, LI-PO, single stick
18569 Battery, 11,1V 900 mAh, LI-PO, single stick


    M4 Magwell adapter
    MOSFET unit
    Direct access quick-change spring guide
    Spring guide with ball bearing
    Fully adjustable for left handed shooters
    Foldable stock that is adjustable for length
    Removable cheek well
    Ergonomic grip
    High cap magazine
    Outer barrel with 14mm ccw treading for mounting other flash hiders.
    Durable and ambidextrous front and rear sling mounts
    Removable front and rear folding sights
    Charging handle and cheek-well can be relocated for left-handed shooters
    Side-rails are removable if required
    Progressive spring
    Ver. 3 gearbox
    Authentic markings

Barrel Length:310mm/inch
Mag. Capacity:360 Rounds
Standard mag:17570
Hop up type:Adjustable
Energy:1,4 joule

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