B&T MP5 A5 Sportline package

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Say the word MP5 and most people know what you are talking about. This is a true classic used by law enforcement and and seen in cinemas all over the world. This Sportline version is the A5 with a retractable stock licensed by the Swiss manufacturer of the real MP5, Brügger & Thomet. The Sportline value pack (SLV) products, are good all-round products. Targeted mainly at regular players, they are well-built, reliable and affordable. The value pack includes everything needed to get started like: Battery, Charger, BB's and Sling. The Sportline Airsoft guns are made up of a mix of plastics and metal in structure and body. Some of the models can be modified or upgraded Length:735 mm Barrel length:229 mm Mag. Capacity:200 rounds Battery:15087 Standard Mag.:13412 Hop Up Type:Adjustable Velocity:100(328) Weight:1900 grams Energy:1,0 Joule


Manufacturer: ASG
Category: MP5 Series
SKU: 15912
GTIN: 5707843032179
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