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Fully adjustable thigh holster, with quick release system. The rigid height adjustable strap with side release buckle, lets you place the holster exactly in the ideal position, for a fast draw. An extra bungy retention strap keeps the gun securely in the holster during the most rigorous activities. The side release buckles lets you take it on or off quickly. •Heavy-duty, abrasion and water resistant nylon exterior construction. •Quick release system. •Double leg straps with elastic and side release buckles. •Leg straps with non-slip rubber. •Adjustable double security strap for safe weapon retention. •Durable nylon webbing with low profile side-release buckles. Fits various models. Colour: Black. The innovative quick release system is a smart retention design, that securely hold your weapon in the holster by way of a mechanical hook that locks the guns trigger guard. The hook automatically locks your gun when inserted in the holster and is unlocked by pressing on a release plunger in the normal process of drawing the weapon. It is a fast and efficient way of drawing your weapon and re-holstering it, great for high intensity situations.


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